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FLMF offers the following information on its web site in good faith, but we make no claims and offer no judgments on the information provided by its members, nor can we give personal recommendations.

As in doing business with any professional individual, before entering into any long term relationship you are advised to:

1. Consider the teacher's education and training in music, and his or her participation in professional workshops and continuing education.

2. Request a copy of the teacher's studio policy.

3. Interview the teacher and visit the studio to familiarize yourself with his or her teaching methods and current competence.

4. Observe the teacher in action if possible, to see how s/he handles students, and the atmosphere created in the studio.

5. Ask for references from other teachers or current parents.

6. Assess the results of his or her teaching by attending a recital or other event in which the teacher's students are performing.
Last Name  Cha
First Name  Bo Mi
Address you as  Ms.
Street Address  13122 Forest Mist Ln.
City  Fairfax
State  VA
Zip Code  22033
Phone  703-678-3067
E mail ChaPianoStudio@gmail.com
Website  www.ChaPianoStudio.com
Instruments taught Piano
Education  Diploma of Instrument Education in Piano;  Master of Music Performance in Solo Piano;  Master of Musical Arts in Song Accompaniment and Correpetition.
Affiliations  MTNA, NVMTA,  & Musiclink foundation.
Activities/Services  Private piano instructor and accompanist.
Additional Info/Specialties  Trilingual (German, Korean, and English)
Available as Performer  Yes
Available as Accompanist  Yes


Last Name  Gabay
First Name  Darya
Address you as  Mrs.
Street Address  9694 South Run Oaks Dr.
City  Fairfax Station
State  VA
Zip Code   22039
Phone  703-764-9414
Fax  703-652-4375
E mail   darya@gabay.name
Website   http://gabay-piano.studio
Instruments taught  Piano
Education   MMA - St. Petersburg Conservatory, Russia; BMA-Mussorgsky College, St. Petersburg, Russia
Affiliations   Levine Music, No. VA Music Teachers Association (NVMTA),  Music Teachers National Association
Activities/Services   Private lessons for all ages and levels
Additional Info/Specialties   Chamber Music, accompanying
Available as Performer  No
Available as Accompanist  Yes


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