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Membership dues are $50 and are collected in May/June. For those joining in January or February, the dues are $25. Those who join in March or April will pay $50, and then not owe dues again until May of the following year.

Pay membership dues by mailing a check, payable to FLMF, to Sandy Baker, 41635 Browns Farm Lane, Leesburg, VA  20176 or pay online:

Member Directory
                        FLMF Officers 2019-2020

President                                  Sharon Reck           
Vice President                          Karen Pino
Vice President                          Mark Pino
Secretary                                  Libby McConnell
Treasurer                                  Sandy Baker 
Membership Chair                    Melinda McCullah     
Ensemble Festival Chairs         Sharon Reck                  
                                                              Libby McConnell        
MusicLink Fundraiser Chair      Annie Feigles          

Annual Membership Dues
Half Year Membership Dues