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                     The FLMF Library
Materials are available for members to borrow by contacting Kay Willett 703-729-1544

Baines, Anthony, Musical Instruments Through the Ages. Pelican Bastien
Bastien, James W., How to Teach Piano Successfully. Kjos 1973
Bernstein, Seymour, Lessons in Keyboard Choreography. Leonard
Einstein, Alfred, Mozart, His Character, His Work. OUP
Gerig, Reginald R., Famous Pianists and Their Technique. Luce, 1974
Gigante, Beth, A Business Guide for the Music Teacher. Kjos 1987
Grout, Donald J., A History of Western Music. Norton
Halford, Margery, The Harpsichord Manual
Haroutounian, Joanne, Kindling the Spark, Recognizing and Developing Musical Talent.
    Oxford 2002
Hinson, Maurice, Guide to the Pianist’s Repertoire. Indiana U 2000
Hinson, Maurice, The Pianist in Chamber Ensemble. Indiana U. 1079
Kottick, Edward, Harpsichord Owner’s Guide. (with harpsichord)
Lhevinne, Josef, Basic Principles in Pianoforte Playing. Dover 1973
Lawrence, Sidney, J., A Guide to Remedial Sight Reading for the Piano Student.
    Workshop Music Teaching Publication.
Lieberman, Julie Lyon, You Are Your Instrument. Huiksi Music
Member Handbook 11
Magrath, Jane, The Pianist’s Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature.
Metzger, Nancy, Harpsichord Technique, Musica Dolce. Two copies (with harpsichord)
MTNA Book Of Policies, Letters and Forms
Palmer, Willard, Music in the Baroque Era
Pocket Scores: Beethoven Piano Sonatas. (4 Vols); Schumann Piano Sonatas; Bach: 6
    English and 6 French Suites
Rosen, Charles, The Classical Style, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven
Schultz, Arnold, The Riddle of the Pianist’s Fingers. Fischer
Triplett, Robert, Stage Fright, Letting it Work for You. Nelson-Hall
Turner, W.J., Mozart, the Man and His Work. Doubleday
Waxman, Donald (with illustrated descriptions and historical notes by Wendy
    Hilton), A Dance Pageant, Renaissance and Baroque Keyboard Dances. Galaxy
    Music (with harpsichord)

MTNA Conference Tapes 1994
Intermediate Level Piano Teaching, Repertoire by African-American Composers.
Coming together: Jazz Styles within American Piano Music
Keyboard Symmetrics and Its Application to Piano Technique
The French School of Piano Playing
Beyond Gottchalk: The Ragtime Influence—Debussy to Rochberg
Teaching Eight Elements of Sight Reading
Understanding, Performing and Teaching Bartok’s Piano Music
Antonin Dvorak Slavonic Dances: A New World for Pianists

True, Nelita, Vol.1 Portrait of a Pianist Teacher; Vol. 2 Studio lesson; Vol. 3 Technique
    Through Listening
Borge, Victor, The Best of Victor Borge
Concerto! Mozart #17 in G Major K. 453, Claude Frank
The House of Magical Sounds
Marsalis on Music: Sousa to Satchmo; Why Toes Tap; Listening for Clues; Rhythm
Music from the Start
Thirty-two Short Films about Glenn Gould (On loan from Gretel Von Pischke)
Highlights from Horowitz in Vienna
FLMF Piano Ensemble Festival 1992, 1993, 1994
Peskanov, Piano Olympics Demonstration Video
Lefschetitzky, Theodor, A Pianist’s Legacy, Produced by Eugenia Evans
Dubal, David, The Golden Age of the Piano
Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Emotions in Music. Listen and Learn Concerts
The Composer Specials (2 sets)
Rossini; Bach; Liszt; Handel; Bizet; Strauss

Jeffrey Siegel, Keyboard Conversations:
The Romance of the Piano, Chopin, Grieg and Liszt
The Romanticism of the Russian Soul
The Power and Passion of Beethoven

Jane Allen, The Importance of Rhythm in Practicing. (2 copies)
Gilbert Kalish, Thoughts on Practicing for Technique.
Emilio del Rosario and Nina Svetlanova, Debussy: Jimbo’s Lullaby; Chopin’s Nocturne
    in C minor Posthumous.
Emilio del Rosario and Eugene Prisdonaff, Golliwog’s Cakewalk.
John Perry, Personal Ideas on Practicing (2 copies)
Martin Canin, How to Attain Objectivity Towards One’s Performance When Practicing
Luiz de Moura Castro, Practice for the Soloist
Nina Svetlanova, The Art of Teaching Beginners