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2010 Ensemble Festival Music

2 metronome markings are listed for each piece: 1) practice tempo 2) performance tempo

1) Ode to Joy Q=92 Q=104 Merry Widow Waltz Q=104 Q=132
Five Star Classical Duets book Dennis Alexander

2) Hall of the Mountain King Q=96 Q=108 Polovetzian Dances Q=76 Q=96
Five Star Classical Duets book Dennis Alexander

2-B) March of the Torreadors Q=80 Q=112 Bacchanale Q=80 Q=160
Five Star Classical Duets book Dennis Alexander

3) Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Q=88 Q=104 Swing Low Sweet Chariot Q=69 Q=80
Piano for Two Book 3 Carol Matz

3-B) Sleeping Beauty Q=96 Q=126 Hungarian Dance #5 Q=92 Q=116
Piano for Two Book 3 Carol Matz

4) Round ‘n’ Round Q=138 Q=180 sheet Lynn Freeman Olson
Gala Dance dotted Q=69 dotted Q=84 sheet Ruth Perdew

5) Hiking Song Q=92 Q=120 sheet Robert Vandall
Rock on Plymouth Q=96 Q=116 sheet Joyce Grill

6) Pink Panther Q=88 Q=104 New York New York Q=96 Q=104
Famous and Fun Pop Duets Book 4 Carol Matz

7) The Winds of Time Q=84 Q=104 sheet Jendrusik/Miller

8) The All-American Hometown Band Q=84 Q=100 sheet Noona

9) I Got Rhythm Q=120 Q= half note=80 or Q=160 Gershwin for Two book Arr. John Brimhall
If I Loved You Q=72 Q=80 Broadway for Two book Hal Leonard

10) There is no group 10 as groups 9 and 10 were combined

11) Walnut River Rag Q=116 Q=138 sheet Melody Bober DELETED
Presto Q=96 Q=112 sheet Mary Elizabeth Clark

12) Sedona Sun Q=84 Q=100 Majestic Grand Canyon Q=100 Q=120
Southwest Landscapes Suite Melody Bober

13) Prairie Stomp half note=72 half note=80 (can convert to quarter note if needed for teaching purposes)
Minnesota Morning Q=66 Q=80 (can convert to eighth note=132 if needed for teaching purposes)
The Northern Prairie Suite Melody Bober

14) Maple Leaf Rag Q=112 Q=132 Theme from 40th Symphony half note=72 half note=84
Piano for Two book 5 Arr. Carol Matz

15) Allegro Moderato Q=100 Q=120 Schubert DELETED
44 Original Piano Duets Haydn to Stravinsky book

16) Stars and Stripes sheet Weeklye/Arganbright TRIO half note=76 half note=88

17) Espana Cani Q=72 Q=88 sheet William Gillock

18) The Cascades Q=104 Q=116 The Funeral March dotted half note=60 dotted half note=72 DELETED
Piano for Two book 6 Arr. Carol Matz

Teacher piece: The Scarlet Cape Q= 104 Q=120 sheet Ralph Federer

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