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Ensemble Festival Rehearsal/Concert Guidelines

Sectional and Concert Day Rehearsals

  1. Check and double check your rehearsal time with your teacher and on the website.  If you miss your rehearsal (even if it is due to a miscommunication of time) you will not be allowed to participate in the concert.  With ensemble performances it is very important that all participants be familiar with how it feels to play with the entire group.  Once change could affect the whole group the night of the concert.

  2.  Please arrive 15 minutes BEFORE your rehearsal is scheduled to begin.  You should be in your seat and ready to begin at the rehearsal time - not just arriving.  On the day of the concert, you will receive your seating placement and instructions for entering the stage before your actual rehearsal begins.  It is important to have as much time with the conductor as possible to work on your pieces during the scheduled rehearsal time.

  3. Please do not talk or play the pianos while the conductor is giving instructions.  If the conductor stops the piece in the middle to go over mistakes please stop playing immediately.  Waiting for pianos to stop playing wastes valuable time with the conductor and you mam miss important instructions.  The conductor has the final say on how the pieces will be played - even if this differs from what your teacher has told you or how the group rehearsed the pieces at the sectional rehearsal.  Bring a pencil to the rehearsal so you can write instructions on your music.

  4. You are a member of a musical "ensemble".  What is most important is that your group sounds wonderful - not that you show everyone how well "you" can play your piece.  A good ensemble groups sounds like "one" piano and no one should hear any individual performer.

Concert Night Etiquette

  1. Arrive for the concert no later than 6:40pm.  This concert is well attended and the parking lot and seating in the auditorium fills fast.  Performers have assigned seating.  The concert will begin promptly at 7:00pm.

  2. Dress for this concert is ALL BLACK.  Appropriate attire would include knee-length dresses/skirts or dressy pants with collared shirts or blouses.  No tennis shoes.  Your group may be asked to wear certain accessories or use a prop to support the music in your program.  You will be notified of this at your sectional rehearsal.

  3. Performers must not talk or play games with each other during the concert.  No electronic devices will be allowed during the concert.  Your behavior could distract the performers on stage and keeps those around you (and you!) from enjoying the concert. 

  4. Please plan to stay for the entire concert.  It is very disappointing to performers when many audience member leave before they get to play.  Please show respect for ALL of the performers in the festival.

  5. If you must enter/exit during the performance, please do so only during applause.  It is distracting to the performers and other audience members when people are moving around during the performance.

  6. Expenses are only partially covered by the performers' registration fees.  The cost of putting the concert together (including moving and tuning the pianos, renting the facility, and hiring a professional conductor) is extremely high.  Donations are appreciated.  There will be a donation box at sectional rehearsals and at the concert.

Please sign below that you have read and understand these Ensemble Festival Guidelines for Parents and Students, and agree to abide by them.


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