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Ensemble Festival Teacher Guidelines


1.  Music for the festival is chosen and circulated in packets in September for the upcoming winter concert. Teachers check out the packets and decide what groups they would like to place students in. Teachers are allowed to enter students in up to 8 groups during round one of registration. Teachers may not enter the same student in more than one group during round one.

2.  The registration form is found on the FLMF website and should be submitted online during the registration period noted on the website – sometime in October. Registrations are filled on a first come, first served basis – round one. Once round one is finished, teachers’ student groups will be confirmed. If there are any open slots in any groups, teachers will be allowed to enter more groups during round two.

3.  Students must be 9 years old and have a minimum of two years piano study in order to participate. Students should have experience performing and have confidence performing in front of a large audience.

4.  The registration fee is $50 for each piano student. Students who are entered in more than one group during Round 2 do not need to pay twice. Accompanying instrumentalists will not pay a registration fee.

5.  Participating teachers, students and parents of students will be required to read and sign the Ensemble Festival Guidelines in order to participate. Signed teacher guidelines may be emailed to the festival chairwomen or turned in at the informational meeting.  Signed parent/student guidelines will be handled by each individual teacher.

6.  All participating teachers are required to attend the Ensemble Festival Information Meeting in October or November. Please see the FLMF website for specific date and time. This meeting is mandatory for participation in the concert.

7.  Teachers will purchase music at the Ensemble Festival Information Meeting. Packets will be put together for participating teachers with music for each participating student. 

8. Recordings of each piece can be accessed on the website for students to practice with before the sectional rehearsals. There will be a practice tempo and a performance tempo. Students should be able to play at both tempos.

9.  Students are required to rehearse with their partners two times before rehearsing with their group at the sectional rehearsal.

10.  There will be a sectional rehearsal approximately 2 weeks before the concert where students will rehearse as a group for the first time. This rehearsal is mandatory for all participating students and teachers. The date of the rehearsal will be posted online before registration begins. The rehearsal schedule will be posted on the website in December.

11.  If students are unprepared at the sectional rehearsal, they will be at risk of being dismissed from the festival. If a group as a whole does not have a satisfactory rehearsal, a second sectional rehearsal will be scheduled for the whole group. Parents of participating students need to be aware that an additional rehearsal may be called.

12.  The day of the concert, all groups will rehearse one more time throughout the day. The rehearsal schedule will be posted on the website in December. This rehearsal is mandatory for all participating students.

13.  All participating teachers will be required to perform certain jobs to help the festival run smoothly. A list of jobs will be available at the Ensemble Festival Information Meeting in October/November for teachers to sign up. Teachers who do not sign up for a job(s) will be assigned a job(s).

14.  Dress for the concert is ALL BLACK for students and teachers (teachers should wear either long black dresses or a formal black pants ensemble). No low cut or revealing attire please.



I have read the Ensemble Festival Teacher Guidelines and agree to abide by them.


   Participating Teacher 





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