Ashby Ponds Recital 2022.jpg

Ashby Ponds Recital

Great Oaks Clubhouse

21170 Ashby Ponds Blvd., Ashburn, VA  20147

April 3, 2022

3:00 p.m.


Registration Deadline March 20, 2022




The Ashby Ponds Recital is an opportunity for students to perform in a formal theater setting.

                                                    Recital Guidelines

Fill out the online registration form and submit payment online or mail a check (payable to FLMF) to Jane Webb,  21144 Cardinal Pond Ter., Apt. 128, Ashburn, VA  20147.  The harpsichord is available for this performance upon request.  Questions may be addressed to the chairman of this event -  Jane Webb  -  703-729-1544