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I participated in the FLMF Ensemble Festival for many years, and it was one of the highlights of my "career" as a piano student.  Learning to collaborate and perform harmoniously with a group was an important skill to develop as a musician, and the festival provided that opportunity to grow.  I enjoyed getting to know other students from the Northern VA area, and I looked forward to seeing them for this special event year after year.  My family always looked forward to this concert, because it was so unique to hear a variety of music (show tunes, movie themes, and other classics) played by 100 fingers simultaneously.  It was such a fun event, and it is something that I still talk about more than 15 years later!  The cohort of FLMF teachers are a special group of people, and I admire their dedication in continuing to provide this performance opportunity to thier students.



I have had the privilege of working with FLMF on several occasions during their annual festival.  Each and every time I have been struck by the professionalism of the organization, and the quality of the instructors.  All of the teachers are excellent musicians themselves, but even more so they are dedicated and talented instructors, always making sure that their students are prepared for the performance.  Great care is shown by all in ensuring that the performances run smoothly, that the students are well educated, and that everyone is having fun.  It is always a delight to get to work with the staff of FLMF and I look forward to many more concerts together.



I had the wonderful opportunity of working with FLMF for 15 years before moving to the Raleigh area. It is one of the Music Associations I miss the most about our move!! They offer so many musical events to enrich the lives of children and are such a professional group to work with. The most memorable event for my students was their annual Ensemble Festival! It was filled with a variety of entertaining music in a huge concert setting with a special conductor, a variety of teachers and super talented students all performing together simultaneously on six grand pianos. It was the highlight of my students’ year! The teachers are impacting the lives of so many children by sharing the love of music within the community. In addition to the Ensemble Festival, they offer many other concert events in picturesque settings. This group, also, offers students the opportunity to learn how to play and perform on a beautifully hand-crafted harpsichord. I made lifelong friends here and will forever treasure the special moments we shared working alongside each other!! 

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