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2012 Ensemble Festival Music

Early Elementary
1. Yankee Doodle Q=144/ Q=168 Oh Susannah Q=144/Q=168
First Favorite Duets Olson

2. Twilight Q=92/Q=96 Popcorn Q=144/Q=160
Grand Piano Duets Book 1 Bober

3. Darth Vader Dotted half=72/dotted half=84 Blue Moon Q=88/Q=100 (don’t
swing the beat on Blue Moon) Famous & Fun Pop Duets Book 3 Matz

4. Pirate Ship Q=126/Q=138 Batter Up Q=126/Q=152
Hats Off to You Bober

5. John Peter Polka Q=120/Q=144 Gothic Dance Q=160/Q=192
Blue Ribbon Favorite Piano Duets vol. 1 Flatau

6. 3 Point Play Q=138/Q=168 Stormy Sea Q=144 Q=176
Grand Piano for 2 Book 2 Bober

Late Elementary
7. Beauty and the Beast; Part of Your World Q=92/Q=108
Alfred Top Hits level 1B

8. Minuet in C Major Q=100/Q=116 Prince of Denmark Q=104/Q=120
Le Tambourin Q=96/Q=112
Baroque for Two Winner (secondo and primo books are separate)

Early Intermediate
9. Four Seasons –Autumn Q=168/Q=200 Winter 8th note=120/8th note=144
Baroque for Two Winner (secondo and primo books are separate)

10. Consider Yourself Q=108/Q=126 Music,Music Q=132/Q=160
Famous & Fun Pop Duets Book 4 Matz

11. Star Gazing (sheet) Alexander Q=80/Q=96 Otter Creek (sheet)
Mier Q=116/Q=138

12. Minuet in G Q=96/Q=108 Serenade Q=69/Q=84
Classical for Two Hal Leonard

13. Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Q=108/Q=126 Liebestraum Q=144/Q=176
Classical for Two Hal Leonard

14. TRIOS: March from the Nutcracker (sheet) Clark Q=96/Q=112
Three’s a Crowd Rag (sheet) Grill Q=104/Q=120

Late Intermediate
15. Shenandoah Q=63/Q=76 American Panorama Rocherolle
Battle Hymn of the Republic Q=76/Q=96 ms. 19 Q=66/Q=80
A Star Spangled Celebration for Two Mier

16. Constant Bass Q=112/Q=132 Dixieland Combo Q=126/Q=152
New Orleans Jazz Styles Gillock

17. Canon in D (sheet) Pachelbel/Agay Q=60/Q72 (with Strings)

18. I Dreamed a Dream Q=66/Q=80 Don’t Stop Believing Q=88/Q=104
Glee Piano Duets

19. Defying Gravity Q=92/Q=108 Glee Duets

Spiritual Fantasy (sheet) Shur (follow metronome markings in music)

Number of Groups: 19 + teachers’ piece
Variety of Genres:
Patriotic: Battle Hymn/Shenandoah
Trios: Nutcracker/Three’s a Crowd
Popular: Darth Vader/Blue Moon; Consider Yourself at Home/Music, Music;
I Dreamed A Dream/Don’t Stop Believing; Defying Gravity
Disney: Part of Your World
Classical: Minuet in C/Prince of Denmark; Autumn/Winter; Minuet in G/Serenade
Eine Kleine../Liebestraum
Jazz: Constant Bass/Dixieland Combo
Folk: Yankee Doodle/Oh Susannah
Spiritual: Spiritual Fantasy
Special Effects: Pirate Ship (some type of pirate patch or bandana, etc.)
Balloon Piece (popping balloons)
3 Point Play (basketballs)
Ellen conduct her arrangements
Three’s a Crowd (players move)
Canon in D (strings)
Chopsticks (acting)

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