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1.  Renter will be responsible and liable for all damages incurred during term of rental including expenses not covered by insurance.

2.  FLMF members trained to move and tune instrument may have the privilege of moving and tuning instrument themselves at no additional cost.   Members must provide a suitable vehicle for transporting the harpsichord.    


3.  FLMF members not trained to tune or move instrument may rent provided they can arrange services of either a trained FLMF member, or they can hire an experienced harpsichord technician.

4.  Not-for-Profit (501c3) Organizations may rent the harpsichord only if they hire an approved technician to move and tune the instrument. It is the responsibility of the renter to return the instrument in the same condition under which it was rented.

5.  All renters must pay the deposit, rental, moving and tuning fees upon pickup of instrument.  Fees for additional use beyond the maximum length of rental will be due upon its return.

6.  FLMF members must watch the full-length harpsichord video before renting the instrument.








Contact Claudia Libero for more information, scheduling, and payment of fees.

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