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Fairfax-Loudoun Music Fellowship

Harpsichord Rental Agreement

     _______________________________________      ________

     Approved By                                                                 Date


     Renter's Name ___________________________      Telephone _______________

     Address ___________________________________________________________

     Date(s) Requested for Rental:  From _______________ to____________________

     Alternate Dates                         From _______________ to ____________________

     Purpose of Rental ____________________________________________________

     Where will the harpsichord be?  In Studio _____ Out of Studio _____  Both _______

     (Give details if instrument is to be moved out of your studio)

     Location ______________________________________  Date ________________

     Who Will Be Moving The Instrument?  Into Studio ___________________________

          Out of Studio ___________________  Other Locations ____________________

     Do you understand that you should not move the instrument, set it up, tune, adjust or

     pack it up unless you have been preapproved to do so by the FLMF Harpsichord

     Committee?   Yes _______  No ________

     I understand that I am responsible for the care of the harpsichord during the dates of         rental and am personally liable to pay for any damages not covered by the FLMF               insurance policy, including the $100

Lid Stick (Correctly Packed)

Music Rack

Transposing Block

Bench With Blue Blanket




Tool Kit



Electronic Tuner

Tote (Includes 3 Harpsichord Books)

Furniture Polish, Videotapes and Comforter for Packing Stand in Car

     Storage Person at Commencement of Rental Agreement _________________________

     Renter on Date of Initial Transport ____________________________________________


     Renter on Date of Return ___________________________________________________

     Storage Person on Date of Return ____________________________________________

     Location of Return ________________________________________________________

     Date of Return ___________________________

     PAYMENT RECEIVED:                                                                               DATE:

     Basic Rental For "In Studio" Use          ________________________      ______

     "Out of Studio" Use                               ________________________      ______

     Additional Rental Fees                          ________________________      ______

     Transportation In                                   ________________________      ______

     Transportation Out                                ________________________      ______

     Deposit -  $100.00                                ________________________      ______

     TOTAL  (Separate Check)                    ________________________      ______

     Additional Fees (Extended time, etc.)   ________________________      ______

     Return of Deposit                                  ________________________      ______


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