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FLMF Ensemble Recital

FLMF created a new ensemble performance opportunity for our students in 2023.  This recital was designed so that students may experience the joy of creating music in an ensemble. Two baby grand pianos are available for this recital, but it is not just for pianists.  All instrumentalists and vocals are invited to perform.  Teachers will choose their own repertoire and register their students to perform ensemble music that uses at least two instruments (if teachers are registering just piano students, both pianos must be used).  

Date:  TBA, 2026

Snow Date:  TBA, 2026

Location:  Ashby Ponds 

Great Oak Theater

21170 Ashby Ponds Blvd.

Ashburn, VA  20147

Rehearsals:  TBA, 2026

Snow Date:  TBA, 2026

To be scheduled and supervised/conducted by students' own teachers

Registration Deadline:  TBA

Registration Cost:  $35.00 per performer

Recital Time: 3:00pm

Each teacher may provide up to fifteen minutes of playing time.  Teachers may register additional performers or extra pieces beyond the fifteen-minute allotment as "stand-bys" in the event a recital has additional open space. 

A teacher group may be programmed if teachers wish to coordinate a performance.

Teachers may coordinate with other teachers to fill a student group.

Participating teachers should be present at the recital.

For more information, please contact Recital Chair Sandy Baker

Please register for the Piano Ensemble Recital using the link below.  Make one payment per studio ($35.00 per student) either online or by check.  If paying by check, mail one check, payable to FLMF, to Sandy Baker 41635 Browns Farm Lane, Leesburg, VA  20176.  Registration will not be confirmed until payment is received.

Ensemble Recital Registration

Previous Piano Ensemble Festival Music Lists

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