Five or six storage homes will be designated, with the instrument to be returned to proper home at the end of the rental. Designation of these homes rests with the Harpsichord Committee.


Storage persons must be willing to make time available for practice on the instrument by performers in FLMF functions, or other FLMF meetings or training classes.


All storage persons must engage the services of one of the suggested technicians to have the instrument serviced and tuned during the time it is in the person’s home.


The instrument should not be changed from standard pitch.


FLMF will be responsible for half the maintenance costs. NOTE: After you have had the instrument for two weeks, please contact  Libby McConnell to confirm that a date for harpsichord maintenance has been scheduled with one of the suggested technicians. Please also relay the condition of the instrument, as well as to confirm that all accessories including humidifier and dehumidifier have arrived with the instrument, and that they are in working order.


Environmental Requirements

     1. Relative humidity: 55-65 percent

     2. Temperature: 65-70 degrees

     3. Position instrument away from exterior

         walls and heating/cooling registers

     4. Do not place in direct sunlight


Storage persons will be required to use humidifier, dehumidifier, thermometer, and hygrometer to maintain above conditions. If you plan to be away from home for more than one week during your storage time, please make arrangements for the humidity and temperature to remain constant. Please contact the harpsichord chair, so that if necessary, arrangements can be made for the instrument to be moved and used at a different location.


Cleaning Instructions As a rule, keeping the lid down will eliminate dust and will help keep instrument in tune. To clean use 100 percent cotton cloth. Spray cloth with Guardsman Spray Furniture Polish. Shake out cloth and wipe all wood. If possible, use reverse vacuum to blow dust from soundboard once every two months.